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Rachel went through two years of traditional braces as a teenager. When her braces were taken off, she felt as if her teeth were more speckled in appearance than they were before. She did a few weeks worth of take home whitening to try to make her teeth more even in color, but she wasn’t completely satisfied. She also noticed that she still had some spaces between her teeth after braces and that some of the edges of her teeth weren’t shaped right. She tried to convince her dad to let her have porcelain veneers placed. It took awhile, but when he realized that she could have eight no prep porcelain veneers, he was happy to oblige. Rachel’s smile was transformed in two appointments over three weeks without altering healthy enamel. Her teeth look so natural that people would never know she wasn’t born with these teeth. She’s thanking Dr. Michaelson all the way from college in Alabama as she is no longer self conscious when she smiles.
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