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Michael- Smile Makeover

When Michael came in to see Dr Michaelson for a thorough exam and consult, we could see he definitely had his fair share of spending time in the dental chair. Michael had many tooth colored fillings that were placed near the gum line due to abfractions. An abfraction is a small notch near the gum line caused by stress on your teeth from grinding and clenching. The other signs of clenching and grinding are his worn down and chipped teeth. To rebuild the tooth structure Michael had lost over the years, Dr Michaelson needed to open his bite to a vertical dimension he had possibly 30 years ago pre-grinding. Opening his bite would keep his teeth from breaking and chipping any further. Dr Michaelson placed Michael in a temporary orthotic and once he was comfortable in his new bite Dr Michaelson prepared 14 teeth for all porcelain esthetic crowns. The crowns repaired the damage and saved his teeth from further destruction while completely giving him a smile makeover at the same time.
Smile Makeover with Porcelain Veneers
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