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Lori: Implants

Lori had a four-tooth bridge on the upper right side of her mouth to replace 2 missing teeth. The anchor teeth holding the bridge got decayed and had to be extracted. Replacing the missing teeth with a new longer bridge was not an option due to the lack of natural tooth support. Lori didn't want any kind of removable appliance so she chose dental implants. Dental implants are a permanent restoration that closely resembles a natural tooth. Most dental implant cases are done in 2 phases, the surgical placement of the implant and restoration after healing. We began her treatment with a CT scan which is a 3-D image that is much more diagnostic than a regular x-ray. The information from the CT scan helps Dr. Michaelson determine precisely where to place the implants. The results of the scan will also determine the size, depth, and angulation of the implants placed. To restore Lori's smile we surgically placed 4 individual implants. During the 6-month healing phase, Lori wore a temporary removable appliance. Once healed we expose the implants and placed posts (abutment) and individual crowns. Her implants will function just as her natural teeth did and she can smile and eat with confidence.

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First Class Environment
First Class Environment

Dr. Gary Michaelson came very highly recommended to me as both a qualified general and cosmetic dentist. He put me at ease on my first visit, and his office staff was so professional, patient, friendly and always available to make sure I was comfortable.
This is truly a “first class” environment.
My dental situation presented some special challenges, but Dr. Michaelson carefully discussed all options and the steps required to reach the best outcome possible. My treatment plan required veneers, crowns, and implants in order to reach my goal. I stopped being concerned when I realized he was a perfectionist, an “artist”, who cared about the end result as much as I did.
And the change was phenomenal! It’s unbelievable when I see how much better and yet - how natural my teeth look. Now I am so pleased with my smile, my more youthful appearance, and my improved dental health.. I can honestly say that the results exceeded my expectations.

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