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Courtney- Porcelain Veneers

Courtney noticed that her upper front teeth were becoming more overlapped. The more overlapped they became, the more uneven the edges seemed to be as well. She had heard great things about Dr. Michaelson’s ability to fix smiles through many written publications such as New Beauty and The Orlando Magazine. She was excited to learn after her initial consultation that it would be relatively easy to correct her smile. She wouldn’t need braces to make her teeth straighter. She first had her teeth whitened with Zoom. Then, Dr. Michaelson placed six, all porcelain veneers on her upper front teeth. He smoothed off and slightly reshaped her lower front teeth to make them more even. She couldn’t wait to show her friends and family her new smile. She hadn’t told many people exactly what she was having done because she wanted to see if they would notice. Most people had no clue that she had gotten veneers. They just thought she had whitened her teeth. She did whiten her teeth, so why tell more information than needed?
Veneers patient with great results!
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