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Christina- Porcelain Veneers

Christina was interested in improving her smile and came in to see Dr Michaelson for a cosmetic consult. When Christina was a child, she fell in the bathtub and chipped her front tooth. Christina had her tooth repaired with a tooth colored filling but over the years it was redone several times due to discoloring and chipping. After the examination Dr Michaelson spoke with Christina about the changes she wanted to make in her smile. Christina was not only interested in fixing her front tooth but she expressed that her teeth were too small and wished they were whiter. Dr Michaelson recommended Zoom In-office whitening and recontouring her gum to even the gum line and give length to her teeth. Then he would place 4 esthetic porcelain veneers that would give Christina the smile she's longed for. Christina explained that she had been looking for the right dentist for a long time and she was happy and relieved that she finally found Dr Michaelson. Christina started the recommended treatment right away and within a month she had her beautiful smile. She no longer has to hide her smile when she laughs nor embarrassed of showing her teeth.
Veneers patient with great results!
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