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Chris-6 Month Smiles and Porcelain Veneers

Chris had spaces due to congenitally missing both of his upper laterals. After a consult with Dr Michaelson, Implants were not an option due to not enough spacing to place them. Dr Michaelson started treatment phase 1 with 6 month smiles orthodontics to shift his teeth and close all the spaces. After 7 month of wearing brackets the braces were removed. Phase 2 of Dr Michaelson's plan was to whiten Chris's teeth with Zoom Whitening and place 8 esthetic porcelain veneers across the upper front. These veneers completely changed the shape and length of teeth by making his canines into a laterals(which were congenitally missing) and the premolars into looking like canines. It now seems as if Chris was never missing any teeth to begin with. Chris traveled back and forth from Tampa the entire time he was in treatment and is so pleased with the results.
Veneers patient with great results!
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