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Apurva was referred by her husband who is a long time patient of Dr Michaelson. Her overall interests was having a healthly mouth and improving her smile. Visually, Aprurva’s teeth were discolored, misaligned and worn down with chipped edges. Apurva was not interested in full smile make over with veneers, she wanted her treatment to be as conservative as it could be. Dr Michaelson recommended aligning her teeth first with Invisalign and once this treatment was finished we could revisit any improvements that could be added. Apurva started the journey with wearing Invisalign trays for one and a half years which gradually moved her teeth into alignment. Once the invisalign treatment was completed, Apurva had her teeth whitened with Zoom in office. Dr Michaelson did place one veneer on Apurva’s right side tooth (lateral) that had a completely different shape than the rest of her teeth followed by reshaping some of the edges of her teeth (enamelplasty). This treatment was conservative and addressed all of Apurva’s concerns and she is extremely happy with her results.
White Teeth in 45 minutes
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