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Do your missing teeth make it awkward or embarrassing for you to smile? Do you dislike the idea of getting dentures because you are afraid dentures will look fake or draw attention to your teeth?

We are here to tell you that you no longer have to worry! Our dentures created at Alafaya Center for Cosmetic & Family Dentistry are customized to feel and look completely natural. When you choose to receive dentures from our Orlando, FL dental office, we'll include you in the design process from start to finish. This ensures your complete satisfaction with the final results.

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Do you have older dentures that no longer fit well? Would like to improve the fit of your current set of dentures? Are considering dentures for the first time? In any of these cases, please call us. We are ready and available to help you discover better options for replacing your missing teeth! Contact us today at (407) 573-8227!


Types of Dentures We Offer

Several sets of dentures | Dentist in Orlando FLAt our Orlando, FL dental office, we offer two types of dentures:

  • Full dentures – We recommend full or complete dentures for patients who are missing all their teeth from their upper jaw, lower jaw, or both. Full dentures are held in place by natural suction and dental adhesives.
  • Partial dentures – If you have some teeth remaining, we would recommend a partial denture. Our dentists design the partial denture to fill the gaps in your smile and secure it with clasps hooked onto adjacent teeth.

Are you worried that your dentures won’t stay in place? We’ll be happy to talk to you about securing them with dental implants that we surgically place in your jaw.

If you need full or partial dentures in Orlando, please call Alafaya Center for Cosmetic and Family Dentistry to schedule an appointment.

How Modern Dentures Have Changed

Modern dentures look as close to natural teeth as current materials and techniques allow. And now, with the availability of dental implants, we can create dentures that also feel more like natural teeth.

Today, with the availability of dental implants, our Orlando dentists design full and partial dentures that feel more like natural teeth because they’re held securely in place. When we place the implants in your jaw and secure them to your dentures, your dentures will feel more like natural teeth because the implants hold them securely in place.

Improved Comfort with Modern Dentures

The biggest concern for most patients is how their new dentures will look and feel. Thankfully, modern dental technology and materials have completely changed the way dentures feel and look in the mouth. The dentures that exist today are not the same dentures that were around decades or even a few years ago.

If you need dentures in Orlando, FL, rest assured that you will not have to worry about materials that irritate your teeth or dig into your gums. At Alafaya Center for Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, we trust only the highest-quality dental labs to create your final denture.

We want every one of our dental patients to be happy with their dentures, so we make sure we get everything right the first time. Our goal is for your full or partial dentures in Orlando, FL to be comfortable and natural-looking from the very start.

Natural-Looking Dentures Enhance Your Smile

When you choose to work with us, we design your dentures with your overall satisfaction in mind. We want your dentures to match the look of your natural smile, right down to the color of your teeth and gums.

Every denture is designed using shaded resin so that our dental office can match the color of your natural gum tissue. When we are constructing your denture, we place each artificial tooth separately in the acrylic base. This means there will be variations within your denture, just as there are variations in a natural smile.

We use top-of-the-line dental materials and technology to help us create dentures for you that feel, fit, and look as close to natural teeth as possible. The result is a dental prosthetic that helps you eat, chew, speak, and live as you once did with natural teeth.

Would you like to learn more about our natural-looking and comfortable dentures in Orlando, FL? We invite you to call our dental office today at (407) 573-8227!

How Dental Implants Make Dentures More Secure

A dental implant is a tiny titanium screw that’s surgically positioned in your jaw to take the place of the lost tooth root. Dental implants are incredibly durable and are designed to provide structure in the jawbone when teeth are missing. When we pair dental implants with dentures, they stabilize the dentures significantly. Sometimes, during a dental implant procedure, several implants can be placed at once.

If you already have dentures or are considering full or partial dentures in Orlando, FL, it is essential to understand how dental implants and dentures work together.

Your dentures should never move around to the point where the movement bothers you. If you have been dealing with the annoyance of moving dentures, we can help! Our Orlando dentist can make you a new denture and also use dental implants to secure it in place.

Lower dentures tend to move around more than upper dentures, so dental implants can be especially helpful in securing lower dentures. We encourage you to explore the option of implant-secured dentures and to learn more about how this treatment option can benefit your smile.


Implant Dentures vs. Removable Dentures

Comparing removable dentures with implant-retained dentures is like comparing apples to oranges. We design every denture with patient comfort and satisfaction in mind, but our implant-retained dentures are the best choice for dental patients looking for extra security and stability.

If you have the choice between regular dentures and fixed implant dentures, our dental office will almost always recommend getting dentures with implants. If you would like to learn more about how dental implants can stabilize your full or partial dentures, please contact our dental team today.

Proper Care for Your Removable Dentures

Once you have received your new dentures, it is essential that you learn to clean and care for them properly. If your dentures are removable, make sure always to remove and insert the appliance steadily using both of your hands. There are several steps to follow to keep your dentures looking and feeling like new.

First, you should always clean your dentures at least once per day. You can clean them using water and denture cleanser tablets, and you should also lightly scrub them with an extra-soft denture brush. Avoid using regular toothpaste, and never soak your denture in mouthwash, alcohol, or any harsh chemicals.

Your dentures must remain moist to keep their shape. If you remove your dentures at night while you sleep, be sure to soak your dentures in an overnight solution or even in a cup of water. Never boil your dentures, as this could warp their structure.

Tips for Cleaning Fixed Implant Dentures

If you wear fixed implant dentures that are not removable, it is still critical to clean them often and thoroughly. Dr. Michaelson recommends cleaning your gums that are underneath your dentures with a device such as a Waterpik flosser.

This will help clear away debris and plaque that naturally build up underneath the surface. Just as with removable dentures, you should clean your implant dentures with an extra-soft denture brush and specialty cleaner such as Cleanadent.

Learning to properly clean and care for your dentures takes practice. At Alafaya Center for Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we always want to be a resource for our dental patients. If you ever have any questions about caring for full or partial dentures in Orlando, FL, you can call us or make an appointment to see Dr. Michaelson.