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How much does Zoom! Teeth Whitening cost in Orlando?

At Alafaya Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, we offer Zoom! teeth whitening for Orlando patients who want a fast, easy way to boost the brightness of their smile. In-office treatment with Zoom! whitens yellow teeth and eliminates years of stains from your teeth.

A professional in-office teeth whitening in Orlando costs about $500. This includes the procedure itself as well as customized whitening trays and a supply of prescription-strength whitening gel for touchups at home.

It can be tempting to turn to over-the-counter whitening kits, but there are several drawbacks. The whitening trays are one-size-fits-all, and the gel provided is not as potent as what your cosmetic dentist in Orlando uses. For this reason, you won’t see the dramatic tooth whitening you are probably hoping for. You are also on your own if a problem occurs.

We also offer options; if you don’t have time for an in-office teeth whitening treatment, we’ll take impressions of your teeth to create customized whitening trays that provide even coverage and consistent results.

Dr. Gary Michaelson and the team at Alafaya Cosmetic & Family Dentistry would be happy to meet with you and explain teeth whitening in Orlando and all the other services we offer to enhance your smile. Call us to schedule an appointment to get started.

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