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What is a root canal?

Root Canal | Orlando FL DentistA root canal is a dental procedure that treats the nerve of an injured or an infected tooth.  Once the infection in the tooth has been treated with a root canal it can remain and function in your mouth. Root canal is a safe predictable procedure that has over a 95% success rate.  The procedure itself is painless and patients often say that the experience resembles having fillings done.  In the rare instance that the procedure is uncomfortable or there is post operative pain, it is almost always due to the patient ignoring the infection in their tooth.   Once the area is numb and the patient is comfortable, Dr. Michaelson cleans out and disinfects the nerve of the tooth.  He will use small files to clean and shape the inside of the canal.  The tooth is then dried and filled with a sealer to prevent reinfection.  Since a root canal involves taking the blood supply out of a tooth, the tooth becomes brittle and can break easily if it’s not covered by a crown.  A lab fabricated crown can be made to add strength to a tooth that has had a root canal.  Teeth that endure the brunt of the biting forces from eating and chewing especially need the added protection of a crown. For more info, contact our Orlando dental office today!









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