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Why do I need to remove my silver fillings?

Dr. Michaelson may suggest to remove an old filling if it's defective or may cause a future problem. Over time, the metal in silver (amalgam) fillings expands and contracts, causing openings for decay. These tiny movements can also crack the tooth. Replacing old defective amalgam fillings is the best way to prevent recurrent decay and brighten up your smile.

Once Dr. Michaelson removes the old filling, he will prepare the tooth, place the tooth-colored material, and dry the aromatic bonding material with special, high-intensity plasma arc or LED lighting, which cures in five seconds, as opposed to the traditional halogen lights that take over sixty seconds. Dr. Michaelson will ask you how the new tooth surface feels and then show you how you now only have natural colored fillings that are undetectable to plain sight. Do not worry about your diet. You can eat right away. Your filling is ready for use as soon as you get it. 

If you have questions about your silver fillings and whether or not they should be removed, please contact our Orlando dental office today!. A member of our team will be happy to answer your questions or arrange a convenient appointment with Dr. Michaelson.


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