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Can I just get my teeth cleaned without an exam or x-rays?

General Dentistry | Orlando FL Dentist We pride ourselves on being thorough with our patients and their needs, and a dental exam and x-rays are needed before your cleaning.  Often times dental cleanings are given much less importance than they warrant. The number one cause of adult tooth loss is gum disease which is why regular dental cleanings and effective home care are so important. Most patients have no symptoms from years of missed dental cleanings which allows them to assume no problems exist. The progression of gum disease occurs over a long period of time and the damage done by the bacteria in plaque and tartar is irreversible. 
A dental cleaning is a procedure that is prescribed to a patient based on their individual needs. The type of cleaning needed, the level of intensity and frequency can only be determined after a thorough exam with x-rays.   Dr. Michaelson will use the x-rays to evaluate your gums, bone level, and any pocketing of the gums to determine the type dental cleaning you require and whether it will take more than one appointment. After we review this information and the costs, we can schedule you with one of our hygienists, Deanna or Christina. During the cleaning, the hygienist will review any recommendations that will help you with your home care to maintain your dental health. 



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