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Why can’t I have a filling instead of a crown?

Dental Fillings Orlando FLWhen a tooth has a large cavity or damaged area it may need something stronger than a filling to restore it.  Once Dr. Michaelson removes the decay and any damaged part of the tooth the amount of remaining healthy tooth dictates the appropriate restoration.  To place a filling there has to be a certain amount of healthy tooth to hold a new filling in. Without enough healthy tooth structure the tooth is at high risk of breaking.  In cases that filling material is overused it can lead to fracturing the tooth to the point of disrepair and requiring a dental implant.  A crown covers the entire biting surface and can withstand the biting pressure much better than a filling. When a tooth has a large cavity or damage a crown is the best way to restore and protect the tooth. For more info, contact our Orlando dental office today!

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