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Why do I have to come in every 3 months for a cleaning?

Dental Cleanings Orlando FLWhen a person’s mouth shows sign of gingivitis and/or gum disease, a more frequent cleaning regimen is advised.  Since there is no cure for gum disease, catching and treating gum infections at an earlier phase is crucial.  Brushing and flossing at home can only reach so far under the gums.  Patients with inflammation in the gums are not able to reach these deeper areas.  More aggressive bacteria collect in these deeper areas which can lead to destruction of the surrounding bone, and even tooth loss.  Coming in more frequently for cleanings may allow us to treat these areas in a more conservative approach before they cause irreversible damage. 

Patients who have a tendency to build up more tartar as well as patients who are in braces can also benefit from coming in more frequently for cleanings.  Tartar acts as an irritant to the gums and can make the gums puffy and bleed easily.  The brackets and wires for patients in braces can make proper oral hygiene at home difficult.  Increased plaque retention can lead to inflammation of the gums as well as cavities. 

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