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How should I clean and care for my partial denture?

Taking care of your partial is important. Please follow these instructions, as well as instructions provided by your dentist to keep your Partial Denture looking and feeling new.


  • Use both hands to insert and remove your partial.
  • When placing partial in, place in and work over teeth. DO NOT bite down to seat partial. You may break or distort partial.


  • Clean your partial daily with water and denture cleaner.
  • Upon removal of partial from cleaner, rinse partial thoroughly under water and brush with denture brush.
  • Soak partial in 1 tablet of Polident daily over night.
  • Remove partial before going to bed to allow your gums to breath.
  • When not wearing your partial, store in a wet container.
  • Please keep partial away from pets. They find these wonderful to chew on.
  • NEVER  soak your appliance in mouthwash, or alcohol based rinses
  • NEVER soak your appliance in bleach or harsh chemicals
  • NEVER boil your appliance, it can distort


  • If the any of the teeth holding the partial need treatment the partial may need to be adjusted or replaced.
  • The average life span of a partial denture is about 7 years. Things that can affect a denture are: extreme weight loss/gain or bone/tissue shrinkage.
  • If you notice any fracture or breakage to your partial, contact your dentist.

If you experience any discomfort from your denture, or experience any issues with your teeth and gums, contact your dentist.

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