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How do I care for my temporary partial(flipper)?

Partial Dentures Orlando FLPlease follow these instructions, as well as instructions provided by your dentist for optimal results in use and longevity of your partial denture.


  • Brush and floss your teeth before insertion every day
  • Wear your Flipper at all times during the day except for when eating.  The Flipper is designed to serve as a cosmetic appliance as well as hold the adjacent teeth in position so the space doesn’t close.


  • Upon removal brush the Flipper with a denture brush.
  • Your appliance may be soaked in an over the counter denture cleaner for 2-3 times a week overnight
  • Store your flipper in a case with water when not being worn. This is to prevent the appliance from drying out.
  • NEVER  soak your appliance in mouthwash, or alcohol based rinses
  • NEVER soak your appliance in bleach or harsh chemicals
  • NEVER boil your appliance, it can distort.


  • Be aware that your Flipper is a temporary appliance designed to be worn while your tissue is healing from surgery.
  • You can expect your Flipper to last for the normal healing time of 8-12 months.  They are not for use while eating.

Temporary Partial Flippers in Orlando, FL

 If your Flipper is lost or broken it is important to have a new one fabricated to retain the space for the final restoration. For more info, contact our Orlando dental office today!

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