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Where does bad breath come from?

Dentist Orlando FLGum disease, tooth decay, or even your tongue can be a source of bad breath. Bacteria feed in the mouth, and this can produce unpleasant odors. Many foods and drinks can increase your chance of having bad breath, such as:

  • Cookies, cakes, or anything sugary, which will fuel the bacteria
  • Foods with high protein like meat, chicken, and fish
  • Acidic drinks and foods, which speed up bacteria reproduction (so be aware of coffee and citrus intake) 
  • Anything that contains alcohol, from your evening cocktail to even alcohol-containing mouthwashes, which dry your mouth and help the bacteria thrive 

After a thorough dental examination, we will suggest the correct treatment for your specific needs to help control this problem. For more info, contact our Orlando dental office today!

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