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Can You Use Super Glue on Your Teeth?

January 19, 2021
Posted By: Alafaya Center for Cosmetic & Family Dentistry
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We realize how expensive dental fixes can be and it can be tempting to try to find alternatives to professional dental care, but using super glue to try to fix an issue, like a crown falling out or a cracked or chipped tooth, is not an appropriate or safe solution. You should never put super glue on your teeth or attempt to treat your dental problems using super glue or other adhesives in your home. 

Below we’ve listed some of the reasons why you should never use super glue to solve dental problems. 

Super Glue Shouldn’t Be Ingested

Super glue is made using toxins that shouldn’t be swallowed. If super glue is ingested, it may cause stomach upset. Additionally, super glue hardens quickly, even in the mouth, and if it hardens before being swallowed, it can cause you to choke.

Super Glue Can Be Harmful to Tissue

The inside of your mouth contains delicate tissue and exposure to super glue may cause the tissue to become inflamed. If the super glue is applied to a tooth, it is also possible that it will kill the sensitive root of the tooth. If the root dies, a root canal will be necessary. 

Super Glue is Temporary for Dental Fixes

Super glue is not a long term solution to your dental issues. If you do experience a dental problem, call your dental office. There are often temporary alternatives that your dental office can recommend, like temporary dental cement, which can be purchased at some drugstores. Temporary dental cement can be used as a short-term solution to a crown falling out and it is designed to be used in your mouth.

For the above reasons, super glue is just not an option when it comes to your dental care.

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