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Successful Veneers Rely on Good Communication

October 5, 2017
Posted By: Nikki Alafaya
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A lot of skill, science, and artistry go into creating beautiful, natural, long lasting veneers. The combination between the dentist, patient, and ceramist is critical and valuable input from all three help to create a great looking result.

The Veneer Process

The dentist must have proper training and experience in handling numerous cosmetic challenges. The patient should have realistic expectations as to what he or she wishes for a final result and express those to the dentist. A highly experienced master technician or ceramist must listen to the goals of the doctor and patient in creating these beautiful restorations. 

All lines of communication between the dentist, patient, and ceramist are vital to achieving the right result. An extensive amount of data and records are taken before beginning a cosmetic veneer case. These records consist of digital x-rays, models, photos both intraoral and smile photos, measurements, and a lab prescription.

The master ceramist uses all this data to create what is called a diagnostic wax-up. This is a simulation of what we expect the final result to be. This step is extremely critical to the entire process and serves as a guideline from which we can make evaluate and make changes to if needed. These changes are then relayed to the lab for the final restorations.

Veneers in Orlando

Each step is doubled and tripled checked along the way by both the ceramist and Dr. Michaelson. The final result reflects all these efforts and is why you can be assured your new smile will look natural, beautiful, and meet; if not exceed your expectations. Book a consultation with our office today if you feel you are the right candidate for dental veneers. 

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