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Smile Makeovers

May 14, 2018
Posted By: Nikki Alafaya
Actual patient results from cosmetic dentistry | Smile Makeovers in Orlando

A smile makeover is an expression we use to describe a change or improvement to someones smile. Treatment can range from a simple bonding on one tooth or 2 teeth to an entire full mouth reconstruction. A Persons smile can be critical to how they feel about themselves. There’s been a tremendous amount of research detailing how important a warm, friendly, pleasing smile is to someone’s confidence. A smile can also be a source of embarrassment if someone is not happy or feeling good about their smile. It’s often the very first feature people notice of others. Fortunately there have been so many advancements in different types of smile makeovers, that regardless of someone’s situation, if they feel they can benefit from an improvement in their smile, there’s a solution for them.

How We Find Your Perfect Smile Makeover

In our office when we analyze someone’s smile we look at a number of different factors. These include: tooth color, are they yellow or not white enough? Alignment, is there crowding or spacing between the teeth? Tooth shape, are they too triangular or possibly too square? Tooth size, do the teeth appear too big or perhaps too small for their face? And the health of the teeth, are they healthy teeth or do they have cavities? Do your teeth show enough or too little when you smile to match your gums,lips and face? There’s so many little things that can be changed or altered. Any of these can have a dramatic effect on your entire smile.

Once we determine what elements of your smile need improvement or change, we decide on which type or types of treatment would be best to address these issues. Usually there’s a combination of treatment that’s necessary to get the best results. For example, if you are happy with the size, shape, and alignment of your teeth but want them whiter then zoom whitening followed up with some take-home whitening may be all you need. If your teeth are crowded, misaligned or have spaces, some type of orthodontics such as Invisalign could be the solution. You may not like the way you see too much gum tissue when you smile. This is often referred to as a “gummy smile“. By using a laser we can gently, conservatively raise up the gumline and expose more tooth. This is called a “smile lift“ and may be all you need. You may see small little chips, uneven corners or some slight asymmetry which you aren’t happy with. This can often be treated with bonding which is a tooth-colored composite material applied to the broken areas to match the rest of your teeth. Any of these can be used by themselves or together, depending on the situation.

The most widely used treatment in smile makeovers are porcelain veneers. This conservative treatment can address so many problems and can be used as the only treatment or in combination with any of the other solutions. Porcelain veneers can address problem issues such as: color, alignment, shape, or size. There such a wide range of situations porcelain veneers can treat. Taking veneers one step further and often used in combination with veneers are all porcelain crowns. These are used if your teeth are more broken down or need to be built up more than what a veneer can accomplish.

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Regardless of which type of treatment or treatments are used smile makeovers can be life-altering simply due to the dramatic change we can achieve in your smile. Please give us a call to find out more.

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