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5 Signs You May Need a Cavity Filling

June 21, 2021
Posted By: Alafaya Center for Cosmetic & Family Dentistry
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Cavities can affect people of any age, and for many reasons. Even if you maintain a rigorous dental hygiene routine and see your dentist regularly, cavities can develop and cause prolonged oral health problems if not treated. 

Alafaya Center for Cosmetic & Family Dentistry provides exceptional preventive and proactive dental care for patients of all ages. To help patients protect their teeth from damage, wear, and cavities, we offer realistic and reliable tooth-colored composite fillings. These fillings are custom-designed to match your smile’s natural shade while keeping your oral health on track. 

Here are five common signs that you may need a cavity filling. 

#1 Pain and Sensitivity 

Pain and sensitivity can point to a bigger health issue, so it’s important to get your tooth looked at by your dentist as soon as possible. You may need a filling or if the tooth’s infected, you may need a root canal. However, the only way to tell why your tooth hurts or how to treat it is to visit your Orlando dentist. It’s better to be safe than sorry! 

#2 Consistent Toothache

If you have a consistent toothache, we recommend seeing your dentist to determine the source of the pain and the best treatment option for your situation. 

#3 Bad Breath 

Cavities can cause bad breath, and the deeper the cavity goes, the more food can get trapped in the cavity. This can also cause a bad taste in your mouth. A filling protects and strengthens the tooth, prevents further decay, and helps eliminate bad breath. 

#4 A Broken Tooth or a Hole in the Tooth 

If you have a broken or worn down tooth, or your tooth has a hole in it, you may need a filling. Having a dark spot on the tooth can also be concerning because the spot can later become a hole. Broken, chipped, or worn down teeth may also need a filling to protect them from further decay and to prevent food and bacteria from getting trapped in the tooth. 

#5 Damaged or Missing Filling 

Sometimes, fillings can get damaged or they can become loose and fall out. If this happens, it’s important to promptly replace the filling so you reduce the risk of pain or decay. 

Call Us About Tooth-Colored Fillings in Orlando, FL 

Our tooth-colored fillings can protect teeth and prevent cavities from forming while giving your smile an improved appearance. 

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