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Why You Should Schedule an Appointment with a Dentist Near Me

September 8, 2020
Posted By: Alafaya Center for Cosmetic & Family Dentistry

Some people believe that if they don’t have a toothache or noticeable oral health issue that they don’t need dental care. They think if they brush and floss regularly that this is enough.

Unfortunately, oral health conditions like cavities, infections, and periodontal disease can emerge slowly. You may not even notice symptoms until the issues pose a serious threat to your teeth and overall wellness.

Why You Should Make a Dental Appointment Today

Making an appointment with a dentist near you—a dentist in Orlando—allows professionals to root out emerging dental issues before they put your oral health at risk.

For example, it’s easier to treat a small cavity than deep decay. It is also better for your tooth in the long-term. Spotting an emerging root infection is better than waiting for the monster toothache that shows up when you wait it out. And periodontal disease typically starts in the treatable phase—gingivitis. Waiting for periodontal disease to show up can cost you your teeth and even pose a threat to your wellness.  

Don’t Forget the Professional Teeth Cleaning!

Part of dental checkups includes professional teeth cleanings. These types of teeth cleanings pick where your toothbrush and dental floss leave off. This means that special tools clear away the stubborn bacteria that your toothbrush leaves behind—and even the most vigilant brusher and flosser an eliminate stubborn tartar and plaque. These are the very ingredients that cause oral health complications, including tooth loss.

Your dentist and hygienist can also provide tips to help you brush and floss more efficiently between dental visits, and we are always here to answer your questions.

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