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No Prep Veneers

July 25, 2017
Posted By: Nikki Alafaya
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“No prep veneers” or “minimal prep veneers” are just as the name refers- a veneer fabricated without any or little alteration to the tooth structure.  This ultra-conservative solution can be used to close spaces, change the shape and color, lengthen the edges, and even out alignment. While Dr. Michaelson has always been conservative with altering tooth structure the materials available today can be made thinner and are just as durable as the thicker version of the past.

The No-Prep Veneer Process

“No prep veneers” are custom crafted in a dental lab just like traditional veneers and are bonded to the front facings of the teeth.  Since little to no tooth alteration has to be done, there is no need to be numb for the procedure. There is also no need to wear temporaries while the lab fabricates the porcelain restorations.  This type of veneer is best suited in situations where there are spaces between teeth and relatively good alignment.  The conservative nature of this procedure is especially attractive to patients looking for a natural, long-lasting smile enhancement without losing tooth structure. Dr. Michaelson's own daughter has had them done!


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