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Is Periodontal Disease Affecting Your Quality of Life?

March 24, 2017
Posted By: Dr. Gary Michaelson
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Have you ever thought about the ways your dental health affects your quality of life? The truth is that poor oral health does have an impact your day-to-day life in ways you may not even consider.

We don’t have to tell you that keeping up with your oral health care routine is essential. If you don’t brush and floss regularly and see Orlando dentist Gary Michaelson for routine cleanings, your mouth just isn’t healthy.

Gum Disease and Your Quality of Life

Without treatment, small problems get progressively worse. Pretty soon your teeth hurt when you chew, and your gums are tender and swollen and may bleed when you brush. These are the signs of periodontal disease.

Does any of this sound familiar?

You haven’t really been brushing and flossing properly and you KNOW you need to visit the dentist. But you put it off for a while because you don’t really like dental visits. Now you have two problems: you’re ashamed that your oral health is deteriorating and you’re embarrassed that you put off dental visits in the first place. And on and on it goes.


You’re having dinner with friends and you feel self-conscious because, wow, their gorgeous teeth look like something out of a movie. They’re all laughing and smiling confidently, and you feel self-conscious because you know your smile doesn’t look like theirs. You spend most of your time trying to conceal your smile, which takes away your enjoyment of socializing with friends.


You are at the same dinner and you order up a beautiful, juicy steak. Your meal arrives, you start to eat, and when you can’t chew properly, you’re suddenly reminded that your teeth hurt. You start playing the game of shifting your food to this or that side of your mouth and, again, you’re far more conscious of your teeth than you are of the enjoyment of the food.

Please don’t let poor oral health rule your life. Call Orlando dentist Dr. Gary Michaelson to arrange an appointment. Our only goal is to help you improve your smile so you can get back to enjoying life!

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