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What You Want to Know About Cosmetic Veneers

July 27, 2020
Posted By: Alafaya Center for Cosmetic & Family Dentistry
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We all want a perfect smile, and for many of us, this is an achievable goal. 

At Alafaya Center for Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, we recommend cosmetic veneers for patients who have minor tooth flaws that can arise from normal wear-and-tear, genetics, lifestyle choices, and injuries.

If your smile isn't quite as dazzling or as straight as you would want, dental veneers might be perfect for you to give you a brighter smile that you will love. 

What Are Cosmetic Veneers in Orlando?

Tooth veneers are extremely thin, translucent shells that are attached to the front surface of your tooth. Typically, veneers are composed of porcelain since it resembles natural teeth and reflects light the same way enamel does.

Cosmetic veneers improve the appearance of your smile, especially if teeth are broken, chipped, or worn away by changing the size, shape, and length of your teeth. 

The Cosmetic Veneer Process

Veneers are an excellent investment in your oral health and cosmetic appearance. During your consultation with Dr. Gary Michaelson, we will determine if dental veneers are a good treatment for you. After we have assessed your candidacy, we will need to prepare the tooth before the veneers can be placed. Your cosmetic dentist will need to determine if we need to make space so that the veneers can comfortably fit. A small amount of enamel will need to be removed to create a tight fit. We will use a local anesthetic to ensure that all patients are comfortable and relaxed throughout the treatment. 

Tooth veneers are hand-crafted and fabricated after taking impressions of your teeth and sending them to a dental laboratory. This dental procedure typically takes two dental visits to complete. 

Tooth Veneers Can Upgrade Your Smile

Do you have a smile you are not completely enamored with? We might be able to help with dental veneers, just call our Orlando dental office!

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