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3 Ways to Get the Perfect Wedding Smile

July 29, 2019
Posted By: Dr. Gary Michaelson
Wedding | Teeth Whitening in Orlando

Weddings are a milestone event everyone wants to look perfect for. You want to show your best smile that will be on display in homes and albums forever.

Whether you need simple teeth whitening or a full smile makeover; there are plenty of options your best cosmetic dentist in Orlando, FL can provide to improve your appearance. From porcelain veneers to tooth-colored bonding, getting your smile wedding-perfect starts with a phone call. 

Schedule a Dental Appointment

Instead of gambling on a store-bought brand that might make very little difference; call your Alafaya dentist to go over your smile options. Dr. Gary Michaelson can determine your current shade and help you reach your brightest smile. 

If you decide to get veneers to fix chipped or cracked teeth, keep in mind that the process could take several months. Give yourself a little room for appointments and procedure times, so you don’t stress over time. Your local cosmetic dentist can recommend veneers, crowns, professional teeth whitening, or other dental procedures that will bring out the best in your smile. 

Get Your Teeth Cleaned

Any dental procedure requires professional teeth cleaning; this ensures that your teeth and gums are healthy. Dental cleanings remove accumulated plaque and maximize the benefits before dental treatments.

Professional Teeth Whitening in Orlando, FL 

White teeth can be the perfect way to give your appearance a little more spark. Not only do you see results relatively quickly, but it’s also a fast and painless way to enhance your smile. If your daily coffee is starting to show on your pearly whites, you can have stains removed by your Orlando cosmetic dentist. 

Contact Your Alafaya Dentist Today

When you think about all the smiling you’ll be doing at the wedding; it's natural you may want things to look perfect. No matter what dental procedure you are considering to bring out your smile, the first step is calling our Orlando dental office to schedule a dental appointment. 

Whether you’re the bride in the perfect dress, or a guest celebrating this love-filled day—a polished, bright smile is a beautiful reflection to the happiness you feel. 


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