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Dental Implant Surgery 101: What You Need To Know

November 10, 2022
Posted By: Dr. Gary Michaelson

Dental implants in Orlando, FL, are an excellent way to replace one or multiple missing or compromised teeth. But are they right for you?

Today we're going to discuss the surgical process of getting your dental implant from start to finish and some of the advantages dental implants provide so that you can choose the right procedures for your smile.

How Dental Implants Support One or Multiple Missing Teeth

The first step in choosing the right procedure for your smile is understanding how a dental implant works.

First, Dr. Michaelson places the implant carefully into your jawbone during a simple surgical procedure. Since dental implants are made of titanium, which is biocompatible, they naturally fuse and integrate with your bone over time, essentially becoming part of your dental anatomy and taking the place of your tooth root.

Once your implant is healed and fully fused with your jawbone, we will place your final restoration. A porcelain crown replaces a single tooth. Four dental implants can support a denture if you need to replace multiple teeth, or two implants can act as anchors in replacing adjacent missing teeth.

What to Expect During Implant Placement Surgery

Patient comfort is a top priority, and Dr. Michaelson uses the best dental anesthetics to ensure you don't feel anything during your implant placement surgery.

Dr. Michaelson also uses CT digital technology to scan a 3-D image of your mouth, which allows him to pre-plan your implant placement surgery for exact precision. This means that your procedure goes more smoothly and efficiently. Precise placement also allows for a more comfortable healing process.

Because your jawbone has no nerves, there's not a lot of pain or discomfort associated with dental implant placement surgery.

The Dental Implant Healing Process

During healing, your dental implant fuses and integrates with your jawbone through a process called osseointegration. This typically takes four to six months. Therefore, it's important to give the implant ample healing time to integrate with the bone to support your new tooth or porcelain crown successfully.

Dr. Michaelson will meet with you periodically throughout the healing process to ensure your dental implant is properly fusing with your bone. Tooth implants boast a 95 percent success rate, making them a reliable replacement option for your smile.

The Restoration Process

Dental implants in Orlando can replace one or multiple teeth. For a single-tooth replacement, Dr. Michaelson designs a porcelain crown that attaches to your implant and complements your smile, closely matching your natural tooth. A single dental implant is almost like having a natural tooth again because it replaces both your tooth and root.

Dental implants can support a full or partial denture if you need to replace multiple missing teeth. Dr. Michaelson can design your complete denture to "snap" into four carefully placed dental implants, giving you an entire arch of new teeth.

A few implants can also support a partial denture that fills in the gaps left by multiple missing teeth with prosthetic ones. This allows you to maintain your healthy teeth while restoring function and aesthetics to your smile.

Dental implants can anchor a bridge with artificial teeth in between if you're missing adjacent teeth.

The Advantages of Tooth Implants in Orlando

Dental implants offer several advantages that other tooth replacement options can't because they restore both your tooth and root. For example, when you lose a root, your bone immediately begins to deteriorate because it has nothing left to support and keep it stimulated. A dental implant eliminates this problem since it becomes your new tooth root.

Some other benefits dental implants offer are:

  • They function, look, and feel like a natural tooth
  • Easy care and maintenance as you can brush and floss normally
  • Excellent longevity with the potential to last a lifetime with the proper care
  • A 95 percent success rate
  • A wise investment in your smile because of their excellent longevity

The confidence that replacing your tooth brings is priceless. Now you can go to your favorite restaurant and order whatever you want without worrying about being able to chew it properly. You can smile without feeling embarrassed about gaps between your teeth.

Are You a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Dental implants require healthy bone structure for support. If you've lost too much bone, Dr. Michaelson may recommend a bone graft to rebuild your jawbone so it can effectively support your dental implant.

It's also essential to be in good overall health to help your implant be successful. During an evaluation, Dr. Michaelson will determine if you're a good candidate for dental implants by taking x-rays and performing a thorough examination.

Learn More About the Possibilities for Your Smile

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