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When Definitions Change: Keeping Up with

September 24, 2017
Posted By: Dr. Gary Michaelson
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For decades, the definition of oral health was the absence of disease. But dentists have known for years how oral health impacts go far beyond a decayed tooth.

A New Definition of Oral Health

Recently, a new definition of oral health was adopted by the FDI World Dental Federation and hundreds of dental organizations, including the American Dental Association. It recognizes the overall impact that oral health has on your life, including your ability to smile, speak, taste, chew, and use facial expressions to convey emotion confidently and without discomfort, pain, or disease.

While this is a new definition of oral health, it simply supports what dentists in practice already know – oral health touches every area of your life.

You know this is true, especially if you have a problem, like a missing tooth. It’s hard to enjoy foods because eating and chewing cause discomfort; you may also find it difficult to speak properly. Even smiling can hurt, and worst of all, your confidence takes a nosedive because you know you don't look or feel your best

What The New Definition Means to You

This new definition won’t change a lot about the treatments or services you receive. But it does reinforce how important a healthy smile is and how poor oral health can touch nearly every area of your life.

As a reminder, follow these simple steps to a healthier smile:

  • Make it a point to stay current with semi-annual exams and professional cleanings.
  • Commit yourself to brushing twice and flossing once a day to keep your smile healthy between appointments.
  • Avoid sweets that damage your teeth and make healthier food choices.

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Achieving the healthiest possible smile is not difficult, but you do need to be committed to the process. If you are looking for a Waterford Lakes dentist who will support you in your efforts, please call Dr. Gary Michaelson. We look forward to being part of your efforts to enjoy the healthiest smile possible!

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