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Benefits of Seeking a Family Dentist

January 30, 2019
Posted By: Dr. Gary Michaelson
Family | Orlando Dentist

Family dentistry and general dentistry are often used interchangeably, but having a family dentist can mean so much more than just a place to have your teeth cleaned. We take family dentistry to the next level in our Orlando dental office to make everyone feel especially welcome and comfortable.

We Welcome Patients of All Ages

When a dental team treats patients throughout every stage of life, they become well-versed in identifying common oral conditions that tend to develop for children, teens, adults, and seniors. Family dentists also help patients prepare for changes to their oral health that come with age.

For children, that might mean cavity prevention. For teens, it could mean removing wisdom teeth or getting braces. Expecting mothers can sometimes face challenges that come with changing hormones. 

Seniors are sometimes our most at-risk patients and are often overlooked in dentistry. Dry mouth, periodontal disease, and bone loss are all common dental conditions that are more common as we age.

 At our Orlando family dental practice, we customize your treatment based on your changing needs and tailor care to support healthy smiles at every age.

Early Detection and Prevention

We use the latest technologies that modern dentistry has to offer. Digital images help detect decay and bone loss, 3-D imaging makes dental implant surgery and extraction planning far more precise, and digital impressions eliminate the imperfect gooey impressions so many people dislike.

VELscope oral cancer screening is particularly important when it comes to detecting pre-cancerous cells and lesions in the mouth and on the lips.

Whether you have a youngster who needs their next dental cleaning or has a cavity, or your parents or grandparents need help regaining control of their oral health, we are here when you need us most and look forward to being your Orlando area family dentist.

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