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3 Ways a More Attractive Smile Can Improve Your Quality of Life

February 20, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Gary Michaelson
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It can be a burden to live with a smile that makes you feel self-conscious about your appearance. A beautiful smile conveys genuine warmth and emotion, but if you are hiding your smile, those around you aren't getting to see the real you. Your friends or business associates may start to see you as being unfriendly or unhappy, which is not at all the message you want to send!

In recent years, we have seen some remarkable advances in dental materials, technology, and techniques that make it possible for almost anyone to achieve their dream smile. Whether you have a few chipped teeth or need a complete smile makeover, a solution exists to transform your appearance and help you smile confidently from the heart.

Benefits of an Attractive Smile

You may think it's a stretch to say that an attractive smile can actually change your life. But think about all the times you missed out on interactions or opportunities because you felt like all people notice about you is your flawed smile. 

  • Remember walking into a room and trying to blend in with the wallpaper so no one would notice you? Now, you can make your entrance with your head held high because your stunning smile gets you noticed in the best possible way!
  • Did you ever sit down for a chat with your friends but withdraw from the conversation because you wonder why everyone else has such bright, beautiful smiles? Most of us weren't born with the Hollywood smile, and the chances are that your friends' "perfect" smiles have been helped along by a little cosmetic dentistry! 
  • You know how a new outfit just makes you feel good about your appearance and yourself? A beautiful new smile doesn't just impress others - you will feel a new burst of confidence every time you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror!

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