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Are you an adult? Are orthodontics in your future?

April 25, 2017
Posted By: Dr. Gary Michaelson
Adult Orthodontics | Alafaya Dentist

For most adults, orthodontic treatment is either something you did when you were a child or you didn’t do it at all. It’s understandable, because what adult has two years to take out of their lives to deal with wearing braces?

So what do you do if you are an adult and you just hate looking at your crooked teeth? Don’t despair! At our Alafaya, FL dental office, we offer adult orthodontics that fit your lifestyle and work quickly and comfortably.

Your Options

We offer several adult orthodontic options because everyone has different needs and goals for their smile. Invisalign is likely the best known because it is unlike other treatments that involve brackets and wires. The clear aligners are removable, virtually invisible, and we can achieve desired results in as little as a year.

Six Month Smiles are another option and, yes, in many cases they can produce results in as little as six months. They consist of clear wires and tooth-colored brackets, so you don’t have to worry about noticeable metal brackets and wires. Treatment is fast because we are just trying to move the teeth that show when you smile.

Like Six Month Smiles, the focus of treatment with removable Inman aligners is on the teeth that show when you smile. However, the similarity ends there because treatment with Inman aligners consists of two sets of aligners – one on the inside of your teeth and one on the outside. The opposing force of one side pushing against the other moves the teeth into position in as little as six weeks!

Adult Orthodontics in Orlando, FL

There’s a lot to consider if you’re an adult interested in orthodontics that fit your busy life. Please call our Alafaya, FL dental office to arrange a consultation with Dr. Michaelson so he can go over all your options.

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