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August 31, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Gary Michaelson
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Today, fitness is a priority for many people. More people than ever are staying active, taking vitamins and supplements, and being vigilant about the food and drink we put in our bodies.

Food manufacturers know this, of course. They want you to buy their packaged products, so they find ways to market them to be a healthy choice when that’s often not the case.

Many Foods are Naturally High in Sugar

Sugar in foods is an excellent example. Today you’ll see many packaged foods with “No Sugar Added” or “No Added Sugar” on the label. This seems healthy because we know that consuming too much sugar can have detrimental physical and oral health effects.

But just because a label says that no sugar was added doesn’t mean that there’s no sugar. Many foods like canned fruit or fruit juices don’t need added sugar since they’re naturally loaded with the stuff. For instance, even a half cup of pears in their own juice contains 12 grams of sugar. But the American Heart Association recommends we consume only 25 grams a day, so that little serving of fruit has taken up half of your daily sugar requirements!

How Sugar Affects Your Oral Health

This information is especially helpful if you are trying to maintain your family’s optimal oral health. Bacteria in your mouth feed of carbohydrates like sugar, and when they do, they produce acid that eats away at dental enamel and causes cavities.

Your best defense against misleading claims like this is to learn to read labels. Stating that no sugar was added to the food may make you feel good, which is what food manufacturers are counting on. But in reality, reading the label can be eye-opening when you see how much sugar the food already contains.

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Dr. Gary Michaelson is an experienced dentist in Orlando who wants your family to enjoy the best possible oral health. Keeping you informed you about any issues that impact your oral health is part of patient education because it can help you make better decisions about which foods to buy.

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