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Caring for Veneers

Example of Veneers | Dentist in Orlando FL

Veneers are one of the most versatile cosmetic options when it comes to restoring your teeth. They can correct shape, color, size, and alignment of teeth. One important factor about veneers is that once bonded to your natural teeth they are very strong. Veneers are cared for just like natural teeth. Flossing and brushing twice daily will ensure their longevity, as will having your routine check-ups and cleanings at our office.

Common Sense:

Chewing on hard plastic or ice can damage or chip your natural teeth and the same can happen to veneers. Avoiding things like hard candy will also increase the lifetime of your veneers.

Maintaining Regular Hygiene Checkups:

Veneers can collect plaque ...

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Summer’s Almost Here - Does Your Child Need a Custom Athletic Mouth Guard?

Kids with a Dog | Kid's Dentist in Orlando

Of course, you want your child’s teeth to be protected during sports activities, but is a custom athletic guard really necessary?

Orlando, FL dentist Dr. Gary Michaelson understand that it can be tempting to purchase your child’s mouth at your sporting goods story. You are there picking up other equipment anyway, can’t you just grab one off the shelf?

The answer is no, and the reason is that all athletic guards are not created equal.

Types of Athletic Guards

There are three types of sports guards – stock, boil and bite, and custom.

  • Stock – These one-size-fits-all guards are the least expensive and are readily available just about anywhere. Protection with stock guards is minimal ...

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Benefits of digital x-rays

Digital X-Rays | Orlando Dentist

Are dental x-rays harmful?

First, let’s discuss why x-rays are needed at your dental visit. X-rays are a tool used to help Dr. Michaelson detect disease and damage that is not easily seen during a visual exam. As a new patient to the practice, we will first start with a series of x-rays that is referred to as an FMX (full mouth x-rays). This includes 18 individual pictures, to view between the teeth and roots of the teeth. This series gives us a baseline to identify decay or disease in the bone and teeth. We also use this series to help identify changes that can occur later.

Why digital x-rays are ...

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Are you an adult? Are orthodontics in your future?

Adult Orthodontics | Alafaya Dentist

For most adults, orthodontic treatment is either something you did when you were a child or you didn’t do it at all. It’s understandable, because what adult has two years to take out of their lives to deal with wearing braces?

So what do you do if you are an adult and you just hate looking at your crooked teeth? Don’t despair! At our Alafaya, FL dental office, we offer adult orthodontics that fit your lifestyle and work quickly and comfortably.

Your Options

We offer several adult orthodontic options because everyone has different needs and goals for their smile. Invisalign is likely the best known because it is unlike other treatments that ...

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Is Periodontal Disease Affecting Your Quality of Life?

Smiling Adults | Alafaya Center for Cosmetic & Family Dentistry

Have you ever thought about the ways your dental health affects your quality of life? The truth is that poor oral health does have an impact your day-to-day life in ways you may not even consider.

We don’t have to tell you that keeping up with your oral health care routine is essential. If you don’t brush and floss regularly and see Orlando dentist Gary Michaelson for routine cleanings, your mouth just isn’t healthy.

Gum Disease and Your Quality of Life

Without treatment, small problems get progressively worse. Pretty soon your teeth hurt when you chew, and your gums are tender and swollen and may bleed when you brush. These are the ...

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Oral Cancer Screening Importance

Dentist Orlando FL | Oral Cancer Screenings

Have you had an oral cancer screening lately? A study by the American Cancer Society estimates nearly 50,000 new cases of oral cancer in 2017, resulting in 10,000 fatalities. Only one in four of these patients have a known risk factor (such as smoking) for oral cancer.

Now, The Good News

This is pretty sobering information, isn’t it? But it’s not all bad news. Oral cancer screenings by our Orlando dentist are part of every examination.

It is estimated that screening and early detection of oral cancer may increase the survivability rate by as much as 90%

During your semiannual check-ups, Dr. Michaelson will visually inspect the tissues of your mouth using a ...

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Skipped a Cleaning? Here's What's Happening in Your Mouth (and What You Can Do!)

You probably know by now that twice-yearly dental cleanings at our Alafaya, FL dental office are the foundation for a healthy mouth. But what happens when you skip a cleaning? Does it really matter that much?

It actually matters a lot! We preach proper oral hygiene practices because they’re essential for good dental health. And while it’s great that you’re brushing your teeth regularly, you simply must combine your efforts with professional cleanings.

What’s Happening in Your Mouth

While you are enjoying all your favorite foods and drinks, a sticky film called plaque is forming on your teeth and attracting bacteria. Conscientious brushing removes plaque from the surfaces of teeth you can see ...

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