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The Process of Creating Porcelain Veneers: 3 Steps to a Smile You Can't Wait to Show Off

Up Close Shot of Smile | Veneers in Orlando FL

Even if everything else in your life is sailing along just fine, esthetic dental flaws can make you feel self-conscious. You want to smile confidently around friends and co-workers, but it’s difficult when you’re convinced that all anyone’s noticing about you is a less than perfect smile.

Dental flaws come in all shapes and sizes; you may have a chipped tooth or uneven gaps and spaces between teeth. One thing all these issues have in common, though, is that they can easily be addressed with porcelain veneers.

What Veneers Can Do for Your Smile

A veneer is a tooth-shaped shell of porcelain that is affixed to the front of a tooth to create ...

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Choosing the Right Cosmetic Procedure for Your Smile

Woman Smiling | Smile Makeovers in Orlando

If you are tired of watching your favorite celebrities and wishing your smile looked as bright and beautiful, it may be time to consider cosmetic dentistry. Today there’s virtually no limit to the smile makeovers that can be achieved by using the following state-of-the-art treatments:

In fact, there are so many ways to improve your smile that you may be overwhelmed by the array of choices. But, like anything else worthwhile that you want to accomplish in life, you need a plan, and here are some tips from the Orlando, FL cosmetic dentist to get you started.

Identify ...

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Cosmetic Bondings

Before and After | Cosmetic Bonding in Orlando

Dental bonding is a cosmetic dentistry procedure in which a tooth-colored composite material is applied to a tooth, sculpted into shape, hardened, and polished. It’s called bonding because the material bonds to the tooth. Dental bonding is ideal for small cosmetic dentistry work, such as fixing a broken or chipped tooth. Composite materials may also be directly applied and sculpted to the surfaces of teeth that show most prominently when you smile, for minimally invasive smile makeovers.

The Bonding Process

Your dentist will first place a conditioning liquid to the surface of your teeth, which etches and roughens the surface to help the bonding material stay in place. The putty-like bonding ...

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A New Study Looks into the Role of Genetics in Tooth Decay

Woman on Phone Smiling | Better Teeth in Orlando

Have you ever heard someone say, “I have bad teeth” or, “Bad teeth run in my family?” It may sound like an excuse for not following proper oral health care, but a new study has found that there is some basis in fact for “bad teeth.”

Researchers at Zurich University recently isolated for the first time the gene complex that’s responsible for tooth enamel formation. The findings indicate that these mutated genes may cause defects in dental enamel and put you at a higher risk for caries (cavities).

This research tells us that tooth decay is not just a product of bacteria but also the resistance of enamel to decay. In ...

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3 Recommendations for Keeping Your Breath Fresh with Dentures

Man Smiling | Dentures in Orlando

Dentures have, fortunately, gone through many changes over the decades. Today’s dentures are a far cry from those your grandparents wore because they’re lighter, fit better, and look more natural than the old-fashioned one-size-fits-all versions.

But a common complaint among denture wearers is bad breath. No matter how great your smile looks and feels if you’re not following proper hygiene with your dentures, no one will want to get close enough to know that person behind the bright, natural looking smile!

How to Avoid Bad Breath with Dentures

There’s no doubt that there’s a steep learning curve involved with new dentures. You have to relearn how to eat, speak, and even laugh without ...

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A Quick Guide to Zoom! Teeth Whitening

Woman Smiling | Teeth Whitening in Orlando

Many factors affect the whiteness of your teeth. The foods and drinks you consume, your age, hygiene, and lifestyle habits like tobacco use all contribute to the gradual dulling of your smile.

Fortunately, the fix for a faded or stained smile is usually as easy as professional teeth whitening with your dentist or a trained dental hygienist. You can usually choose the method that works best for you - in-office or a take-home kit - and the results it produces will enhance your smile and give your confidence a boost.

Zoom! Professional Whitening

A top-rated product that a lot of dental offices use is Zoom! professional whitening. The in-office process for whitening ...

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What You Don't Expect about Dentures

Older Woman Smiling | Dentures in Alafaya FL

Are you concerned that it might be time to get dentures? As you age, your teeth start to break down, and sometimes the process is helped along by inadequate oral hygiene or habits like teeth grinding. 

The reason you require dentures doesn't make much difference once you reach that point. The goal is to get you comfortable with the idea by helping you understand that the only resemblance between dentures today and those in the past is their function.

How Modern Dentures Have Changed

If you remember your parents or grandparents dealing with uncomfortable dentures that looked like they were meant for someone else's mouth, you're in for a pleasant surprise!

You Have ...

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