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3 Ways to Get the Perfect Wedding Smile

Weddings are a milestone event everyone wants to look perfect for. You want to show your best smile that will be on display in homes and albums forever.

Whether you need simple teeth whitening or a full smile makeover; there are plenty of options your best cosmetic dentist in Orlando, FL can provide to improve your appearance. From porcelain veneers to tooth-colored bonding, getting your smile wedding-perfect starts with a phone call. 

Schedule a Dental Appointment

Instead of gambling on a store-bought brand that might make very little difference; call your Alafaya dentist to go over your smile options. Dr. Gary Michaelson can determine your current shade and help you reach your ...

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Bad Oral Health Fads

Fads aren't always about hairstyles and slang; they can also be about the way we take care of our bodies, including our teeth. It’s important to be able to tell the difference between something that is popular and something that has the support of the dental health community. That’s why we’re going to take a critical look at a few of the recent oral health fads.

Charcoal ...

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Retainers: Everything you need to know

Retainers are essential when it comes to making sure your teeth stay in perfect condition and alignment. Here is everything you need to know for optimal results in use and longevity of your appliance.

Why are Retainers Needed?

Teeth have a tendency to want to shift and move. Even as adults, teeth are inclined to shift forward over time.  Because of such tendencies, wearing a retainer after braces is critical for keeping the teeth in alignment and preventing the teeth from going back to pre-orthodontic treatment.

How long do I wear my retainer?

Since each orthodontic case is unique, the instructions for retainer wear after braces are as well.  A good rule of thumb is ...

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How to Get the Whole Family Excited about Their Smiles

It’s pretty rare to see people of any age get excited about brushing and flossing, but when you see the big picture and put it in perspective in a way that makes sense, taking care of your teeth can become a habit for the whole family.

We focus on family dentistry in our Orlando, FL dental practice to support healthy, lovely smiles at every age. 

Healthy Smiles Look Better

Puffy, bleeding gums can take away from an otherwise beautiful smile as can visible decay and cracks.

Did you know that we offer treatments for healthy gums? We also use tooth-colored fillings and crowns to blend in rather than take away from your smile. In ...

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Benefits of Seeking a Family Dentist

Family dentistry and general dentistry are often used interchangeably, but having a family dentist can mean so much more than just a place to have your teeth cleaned. We take family dentistry to the next level in our Orlando dental office to make everyone feel especially welcome and comfortable.

We Welcome Patients of All Ages

When a dental team treats patients throughout every stage of life, they become well-versed in identifying common oral conditions that tend to develop for children, teens, adults, and seniors. Family dentists also help patients prepare for changes to their oral health that come with age.

For children, that might mean cavity prevention. For teens, it could mean removing ...

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3 Surprising Ways We Use Dental Crowns to Improve Your Smile

Most people know that a dental crown is used to protect a tooth and restore its strength. But today, dentists often use natural-looking porcelain crowns to correct certain aesthetic flaws as well.

Modern Materials Change the Way We Use Crowns

Think of a crown as a helmet for a damaged tooth; the crown absorbs chewing forces to restore function and protect the tooth from further damage. 

In the past, limited materials were available for creating natural-looking crowns, so they were considered to be purely functional. Today, however, we have access to state-of-the-art materials like porcelain and zirconia that closely resemble the appearance of dental enamel and looks natural. 

Since the finished crown blends seamlessly ...

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Why You Shouldn’t Put Off Getting a Dental Crown

We rely quite heavily on our teeth and usually take the work they do for granted until something goes wrong. Then all you can think of is finding a solution that eliminates the discomfort when you chew and embarrassment when you smile.

If the tooth is too decayed to be with a filling, your dentist will likely recommend a restorative dental crown in Orlando. But there are other reasons why you may need a crown; a tooth can crack or break if you bite down on something hard, or you may suffer dental trauma during a soccer game.

Why Your Dentist Recommends a Crown

A dental crown covers and protects the damaged structure ...

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