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Smile Makeovers

Actual patient results from cosmetic dentistry | Smile Makeovers in Orlando

A smile makeover is an expression we use to describe a change or improvement to someones smile. Treatment can range from a simple bonding on one tooth or 2 teeth to an entire full mouth reconstruction. A Persons smile can be critical to how they feel about themselves. There’s been a tremendous amount of research detailing how important a warm, friendly, pleasing smile is to someone’s confidence. A smile can also be a source of embarrassment if someone is not happy or feeling good about their smile. It’s often the very first feature people notice of others. Fortunately there have been so many advancements in different types of smile makeovers, ...

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The Power of a Smile

Top Dentist in Orlando | Before and After Veneers

 A smile can say and do so much for a person.  It can exude confidence, minimize a person’s age, make a person more approachable, and even give a brief storyline of a patient’s life.  It’s not just Hollywood or movie stars who are making efforts to put their best smile forward.  People from all walks of life are using aesthetic dentistry to give them the smile they’ve always wanted and never thought they could have. 

You Have Cosmetic Options

Suttle changes to enhance your smile include whitening and/or replacing silver fillings.  Whitening can be done either at home or in the office and in as little as 2 hours.  Changing your silver ...

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