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Side-Effects: Medications And Oral Health

MEDICAL PROBLEMS ARE things none of us ask for but many of us have, and with medical problems come medications. Unfortunately, along with medications come side-effects, and these often have a negative impact on oral health.

The Delicate Balance Of Our Mouths

Our oral health does best when our mouths can stay close to a neutral pH — neither acidic nor basic. The food and drink we consume tends to temporarily disrupt this pH balance, and so does medicine. When children eat chewable vitamins or drink syrupy medicine that contains sugar, it feeds their oral bacteria, which excrete acid onto their teeth. This acid wears away at their tooth enamel.

Another common problem with ...

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Up Close Photo of a Smile | Dentist in Orlando

Today, fitness is a priority for many people. More people than ever are staying active, taking vitamins and supplements, and being vigilant about the food and drink we put in our bodies.

Food manufacturers know this, of course. They want you to buy their packaged products, so they find ways to market them to be a healthy choice when that’s often not the case.

Many Foods are Naturally High in Sugar

Sugar in foods is an excellent example. Today you’ll see many packaged foods with “No Sugar Added” or ...

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Why You Should NOT Use Super Glue on Your Teeth

Dentist in Orlando FL | Example of Patient Self-Treating

There are several reasons why attempting to be your own dentist or using chemicals that are not designed for use in the mouth are a bad idea.  Recently we had a patient come into the office who had a crown and post come off of his front tooth 3 weeks earlier. Since the tooth had a root canal the patient had no pain and figured he would save a visit to the dentist by using superglue to put it back in. When he put the crown back in it was slightly out of position and when he closed his teeth together he only contacted on the one tooth he ...

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Can you benefit from a night guard?

Night Guards in Orlando

Do you awaken with a sore jaw or experience unexplained earaches or headaches? You may unknowingly grind your teeth, a condition known as bruxism. Many people grind their teeth or clench their jaw as a reaction to stress, sometimes during the day, but more often at night. Since most grinding happens at night most patients are unaware they grind until signs or symptoms begin to arise. Left untreated, bruxism is extremely damaging to natural teeth and restorations, can cause facial pain, ringing in the ears, and can compromise proper jaw alignment. Grinding can also affect your appearance over time. The teeth are part of the substructure that holds facial characteristics ...

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A Healthier 2018: How Your Mouth Plays a Role

Top Dentist in Orland | Diagram of Infected Gums

It’s a New Year and the common trend at Dr. Gary Michaelson’s office is surrounded around self-improvement.  Everywhere you look, there are ads for weight loss and getting healthy.  What most people don’t think about is how the condition of the mouth, particularly the condition of the gums, affects a person’s overall health.

The Gum Disease-Heart Link

Periodontal disease, or gum disease, has a direct link to heart disease.  Multiple research studies of heart patients have reported an 85% history of periodontal disease.  The bacteria originating from under the gums will make its way into the bloodstream, potentially thickening artery walls.  The same bacteria can also combine with platelets to form blood ...

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When Definitions Change: Keeping Up with

Oral Health Waterford Lakes FL | Latest News Graphic

For decades, the definition of oral health was the absence of disease. But dentists have known for years how oral health impacts go far beyond a decayed tooth.

A New Definition of Oral Health

Recently, a new definition of oral health was adopted by the FDI World Dental Federation and hundreds of dental organizations, including the American Dental Association. It recognizes the overall impact that oral health has on your life, including your ability to smile, speak, taste, chew, and use facial expressions to convey emotion confidently and without discomfort, pain, or disease.

While this is a new definition of oral health, it simply supports what dentists in practice already know – ...

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7 Simple Tips to Ensure Your Mouth Is as Healthy as It Can Be!

Woman Brushing Teeth | Orlando Dentist

Use proper brushing techniques

Use the right technique - Start with your brush at a 45-degree angle to your gums and use circular motions. Then, hold the brush vertically using shorter strokes to clean the back of your front teeth. This is where we build up the most plaque and tater. Use a soft hand when brushing, gentle pressure.

Brush enough

Many people brush regularly, but not long enough. The ADA recommends brushing for at least two minutes, twice a day. If you need help timing your brushing sessions try listening to a favorite song, watching a short video on YouTube, or even using your phone to time it. (Most electric toothbrushes have ...

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