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Suzanne wanted to enhance her smile, but like many moms, felt guilty doing something for herself. Also like many moms and women her age, she felt like she was showing signs of aging and noticed that her teeth were not as youthful looking. Her teeth had become discolored and had worn down. The space between her front two teeth also seemed to have grown wider over the years. She kept these feelings to herself for a number of years until she reconnected with a friend who was a patient of Dr. Michaelson’s. She couldn’t help but stare at her friend’s smile and wanted the confidence that came with it. Her friend referred her to Dr. Michaelson and suggested she have a consult with him to see what could be done. Suzanne ended up brightening her smile first with Zoom Whitening in the office and then had eight porcelain veneers placed. Looking back she only had one regret…that she hadn’t done this years ago!

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