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Susan- 6 Month Smiles and Porcelain Crowns and Veneers

Susan came in to see Dr Michaelson for a smile makeover. Susan concerns were, her teeth were not straight, her front teeth were chipped, and her teeth were dark with 2 crowns in the back molars that stuck out like a sore thumb. Dr Michaelson reviewed that her teeth were chipped because of how they were aligned. If he would place veneers on the teeth, she would chip them be cause of her bite. Dr Michaelson place 6 month smile orthodontics on Susan to align her teeth. Once the braces were removed after 4 months, Susan had her teeth whitened with Zoom in office. Dr Michaelson then prepared the front 8 teeth for porcelain esthetic veneers. Susan's teeth are now straight, white, and no chips. Susan was also recommended to wear a night guard to keep her from grinding her teeth and lengthen the longevity of her veneers.

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