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Rodney: 6 Month Smiles & Porcelain Veneers

Rodney was interested in straightening his teeth but with traveling for work, traditional braces was not conducive with his lifestyle. After a thorough exam and consult with Dr. Michaleson a treatment plan with phases was discussed with Rodney. Dr. Michaelson started the first phase with Six- month smile orthodontics and placing the tooth-colored brackets and wires. Six-month smiles employ the latest technology and techniques moving teeth with an an average of 6-9-months time. Rodney came in approximately once a month for his orthodontic adjustment which worked with his schedule. After the braces were removed Rodney was able to whiten his teeth with Zoom in office and Dr Michaelson started phase two of the treatment. Now that Rodney's teeth were straight and aligned, his teeth had many different shapes and uneven lengths due to being worn down previous to wearing braces. Dr. Michaelson recontoured his gum line to make the smile line even and placed 9 esthetic porcelain veneers across the upper teeth. Rodney's smile transformation was completed, and every time we see him, he always has a smile on his face :)

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