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Porcelain Crowns and Composite Resin Fillings

This patient had rampant and extensive decay throughout the mouth. Several teeth had decay that extended to the nerve of the teeth which required root canals. Laser gingivectomy (tissue removal) was done on the entire mouth in order to remove all the decay that extended below the tissue. Once after the patients tissue was completely healed, Dr Michaelson restored his teeth with a combination of 15 esthetic porcelain crowns and 8 bonded fillings. This patient was very appreciative that all his teeth could be saved by updated technology and Dr Michaelson expertise.

Patient Testimonial:Lanny Is thrilled with his smile makeover!

Lanny had worn down his teeth due to years of grinding and clenching. Dr Michaelson recommended restoring his teeth with Porcelain crowns to the original length, and it would have ... Read More

Patient Testimonial:Hayden Testimonial

"I have an amazing time here, they do an excellent and exquisite job." Read More