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When Phillip’s two adult front teeth came in, they were malformed. His baby teeth never looked that way, so he was surprised that adult teeth could do that. In college, he got sick of hiding his smile and came to Dr.Michaelson to see what he could do. Dr. Michaelson pointed out to Phillip that he had minor crowding in his front four teeth and recommended four porcelain veneers after bleaching his teeth in the office. The veneers would help straighten his teeth as well as hide the malformations. Zoom in office whitening and the four esthetic porcelain veneers were all done with in 3 appointments.

Patient Testimonial:Lanny Is thrilled with his smile makeover!

Lanny had worn down his teeth due to years of grinding and clenching. Dr Michaelson recommended restoring his teeth with Porcelain crowns to the original length, and it would have ... Read More

Patient Testimonial:Tammy loves her new smile!