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Mary, like many of us, works with the public and is always talking and smiling face-to-face with her clients. She was getting more self conscious about her smile as years went by. Her teeth had been wearing down gradually over the years, making them look shorter and shorter. Her enamel had become thin, giving her teeth a translucent, see through appearance. One of her dear friends referred her to her dentist, Dr.Michaelson. He had just completed her smile makeover and she couldn’t stop singing his praises. With her friend as a real life example, Mary felt confident in Dr. Michaelson’s abilities and made an appointment to see what could be done for her. Her teeth were whitened in the office with Zoom. On the same day, Dr. Michaelson was able to lengthen the teeth and make Mary’s gums more symmetrical with gum recontouring. She then had fourteen esthetic porcelain veneers placed. In four appointments, Mary was given back the smile of her youth.

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