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Lullil- Porcelain Veneers

Lullil was referred to us by her awesome husband, who he himself had a combination of orthodontics and porcelain veneers. Lullil loved her husband’s smile and wanted hers to be just as beautiful. She had composite bondings on the front 8 teeth that were done with another dentist previously. The bondings were yellow and placed under the gum line which caused her gums to be inflamed and bleed easy. Lullil also mentioned that her teeth looked small and that she had a gummy smile. After Dr Michaelson completed a thorough examination and consult, a treatment was planned and organized. Dr Michaelson recommended a smile lift with a laser to remove irritated tissue and lift her smile line to create room to lengthen her smile. After healing from the gum lift Dr Michaelson would remove all the existing bonding and prepare the teeth for veneers. The veneers can change the shade and length of her teeth giving lullil exactly what she would like. Lullil was excited to start the process and started her journey making several appointments. Once her case was completed, she and her husband both had beautiful matching smiles.

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