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Kathy realized how brutally honest children are after babysitting her niece and nephew for the weekend. It had been almost a year since she had seen them, so they both gave her a full look over. They bluntly asked, as kids often do, why her teeth were so yellow. She thought they had gotten a little dull, but it wasn’t until looking at old pictures that she realized the kids were right, they had gotten really yellow. She had been a patient of Dr. Michaelson for a short time but never discussed options for whitening her teeth. After learning about the two types of professional whitening available, she decided on Zoom. She didn’t want to go through the hassle of wearing whitening trays for a couple of weeks. She wanted instant gratification. And that’s exactly what she got, white teeth after an hour and a half long appointment.

Patient Testimonial:White Teeth in 45 minutes

Nicole spent just a couple hours with us for her new bright smile. Zoom whitening is a fast and safe in-office whitening procedure. It can transform your smile from yellow ... Read More

Patient Testimonial:Satisfied & Happy

Since having my procedure done, I am so confident about my smile and I am no longer self conscious about what somebody might think or say about my teeth. I ... Read More

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