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Kathryn had come into to see Dr Michaelson for a consult on improving her smile. Kathryn as a child had an accident and fractured 3 of her teeth in which composite bonding’s were placed. Through the years the bondings were causing chronic tissue inflammation, which caused puffiness and bleeding around the gums. Dr Michaelson started treatment with recontouring her tissue with a laser. This would even her gum line but also remove unhealthy tissue and create space so that Dr Michaelson can lengthen her teeth with veneers. Once Kathryn’s tissue had healed her teeth were whitened with zoom. Dr Michaelson removed the existing bondings and placed 8 porcelain esthetic veneers to match her new white shade. The veneers gave her teeth length and reduced her gummy smile, closed all her spaces and gave Kathryn an overall beautiful smile makeover.

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