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Kasey had orthodontic treatment when she was younger and her teeth shifted back some due to not wearing retainers. She had just graduated college and was beginning a career in the public eye and didn’t want to go through orthodontics again as an adult. Aside from the alignment of her teeth she wanted to change the shade, shape, and even out the gums. We began with Zoom whitening to lighten the overall shade of her teeth. Next we evened out the gum line with a laser to achieve balance on both sides. Dr. Michaelson worked closely with the ceramist at our dental laboratory to create a perfect smile for Kasey that addressed her concerns. We gave Kasey the smile she always wanted with 8 custom crafted porcelain veneers. Her smile makeover was completed in 4 appointments over 1 month and Kasey is more confident than ever with her smile.

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