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Holly- Veneers and Crowns

Holly had come from another dental practice where she had 10 existing crowns placed on her upper teeth. Holly expressed to Dr Michaelson the concerns she had with her upper left crown breaking and other crowns that were recemented all within a short time of having them done. She was very unhappy with the shape and color and how her teeth flared out with spaces between the edges of her teeth. After listening to Holly's concerns Dr Michaelson reviewed that she would need to have her crowns replaced to achieve the goals that she wanted in a smile. Dr Michaelson started with laser gum recontouring to even her smile line. With many models and photos being exchanged with the lab and our office, we needed to make sure we were going to achieve Holly's vision of a perfect smile. Dr Michaelson removed 10 of her existing crowns and replaced them with esthetic porcelain crowns. Holly's crown had a natural shade and texture to them and Dr Michaelson was able to bring them back and close the spaces so that they are not flared out. We always recommend doing the research on your dentist and looking into the additional cosmetic education he or she has had. Be sure to see the dentists before and after photos and models that can be shown from their previous patients. This will save you much time, effort, and money.

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