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Elsa- Veneers and Crowns

Elsa came in to see Dr Michaelson for a smile makeover exam and consult. Elsa reviewed with Dr Michaelson that she showed too much of her gums when smiling and her teeth were small. She also did not like how her teeth were worn down and tilted inward. Dr Michaelson started treatment by recontouring the gums to even the smile line and be able to add length to the veneers. He then prepared and placed 12 esthetic porcelain veneers on her upper teeth. The veneers gave length to her teeth and broadened her smile and made it more symmetrical. Elsa's teeth no longer look worn down or tilted inward. We were able to meet all of Elsa's expectations. She loved her veneers so much she had Dr Michalson place 8 porcelain veneers on the lower teeth to match.

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