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Christine- Veneers and Crowns

Christine had porcelain fused to metal crowns on all her teeth that were done a few teeth at a time and were placed over 15-20 years ago . The porcelain to metal crowns usually showed a metal line around the edge of the tissue making it look like decay or discolored. Having teeth prepared for crowns a few teeth at a time means having different lab technicians work on the case. The aftermath is having different shaped crowns and colors that will not match exactly. Dr Michaelson recontoured Christine's tissue with a laser to make her smile line more even. He then prepared and placed a combination of 10 esthetic porcelain crowns and bridges on the upper teeth and 7 on the lower teeth. Christine's new porcelain restorations were made by the same lab and ceramist, this way all her teeth are symmetrical and matched in shade perfectly.

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